Friday, 14 May 2010

Our "Website"

This is what our website would look like if we were to actually make it:
This is the first page you see of the website.

Clicking on the logo opens up the box. Here you can select any of the 4 floating links.

This is the shop page. Here you can select the different collection,
and purchase a net to download.

This is the Paper toys section, where the letters on the logo have been replaced by the collection logos.

By clicking on the Animal Appliances logo, the box opens up and reveals each toy for you to click on.

The same happens if you click on the Art Movement one too.

Hovering over the More icon will open up a tab.

Clicking on a toy will direct you to a page with more information about the specified toy.

The forum, where users can sign up and talk about the toys, or even suggest ideas.

By clicking on the small fan photo box, it opens up to this full size one.

And finally the about us page, which shows us surrounded by our toys.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Propaganda Pt.2

We slyly placed these little cubes around our studio and university, and then ventured outside placing them in suitable locations.
Check out our new section dedicated to our propaganda!

Propaganda Pt .1

We have created mini Boxi cubes that we are going to distribute out into the public to advertise our blog, website and facebook group.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Boxi Nets

Welcome to the Boxi blog! We are so excited to release our Boxi nets out into the world! We hope you enjoy browsing our site and please leave us comments and feedback. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you,

Gary and Claire.